Youde Master Tool Kit

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Youde Master Tool Kit


The ultimate tool for making perfect coils. This toolkit has it all and is presented in an attractive case containing the best tools you will ever need. Watch the video below to see a demonstration

The Master Tool Kit contains:
– Coil jig tool. 4 diameters. (2.0;2.5;3.0;3.5)
– Diagonal cutting pliers for kanthal wire
– Ceramic Tweezer
– Cotton hook
– 1 pc. flat head screwdriver
– 1 pc. Philips head screwdriver
– Scissors
A Great choice for coil builders!

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UD Coil Jig V3 - Demonstration

UD Coil Jig V3

This is a quick demonstration of the Coil Jig V3 by Youde Technology.

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